tipologia: product design

localitá: Torino

anno completamento: 2016

The Wine shape is a modular wine rack.
You can use it to transport wine in its elegant gift box; you can use it to keep the wine at home or in your private cellar. The Wine shape is stackable, light and resistant. The Wine shape is a comfortable bed for your favorite wine. It is made of cardboard.
The Wine shape is handmade. Wine gives shape to its packaging. A design object that you do not throw in the trash when you receive your precious bottle of wine. The Wine shape you keep it and use it to keep your wine in your precious cellar or in your home. The Wine shape can be stacked vertically, but you can also combine horizontally and create a real equipped wall, for your best wine. To complete the package, a light cardboard wrapping (like that of the eggs), showing the winery’s logo. The latter can also be transparent or opal and allow to glimpse “the shape of the wine”.
The basic model contains a bottle, the one on the opposite side. The same model is laid out on it, but placed on the contrary. This system can be repeated indefinitely vertically and horizontally and become a cellar set-up. But for transport it must be used inside a beautiful box that lets you glimpse the shape of the wine.
The idea came from how eggs are transported. The eggs are very delicate, even the wine is, even if it is in the glass.
Wine is an ancient and noble drink; The Wine shape enhances the beauty of wine, enhances its shape. It is an Italian product, a product made in Italy.
Born in Turin, the capital of Piedmont, a region rich in excellent wines!
, Turin Architects Magazine TAM