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Francesco Massarini



Massariniís studio is addressed to various clients who know how to comprehend the essence of its minimal models traceable back to a very accurate  experience  of interior design , including eco-supportability of the product during its recycle and/or overcoming phase , turning into an easy materialsí knockdown at the end of the cycle.

The fundamental priority is the innovative solution of details, as the research of the particular made of few  essential elements, using new materials (plastic and its derivatives) unitedly to more traditional materials as steel and wood.

Such experience also shows in architectural planning where great space is given to choises that lead to  new  innovative formal solutions with attention to new materialsí use.



 Architettura residenziale

 Design interni esterni




Francesco Massarini Architetto Einaudi 19  -  10129 Torino  -  011.19712395  -  347.8515506





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