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Francesco Massarini was born in Turin (Italy) in 1967.


During his university studies he performed research activity by the ARCHITECTURAL PLANNING DEPARTMENT of the Architecture Faculty ( Professors Isola, Gianmarco, Bazzanella, Rigamonti) on themes related to ARCHITECTURE TECHNOLOGY.

He is a member of Turin’s Province Architects Order since 1995.

After some important collaborations in 1995-97 period with Professor Arch. Andrea Bruno’s studio in Turin , such as interior design of the  Contemporary Art Museum in the “Manica Lunga” of the Rivoli’s Castle (Turin), in 1997 he established his own activity in Turin and since 2000 he works with the Arch. Valentina Claudia Mangiarotti. In 1998 he published an article on the review of Bioecological Architecture, Enviromental Hygiene and Applied Ecology “LIVING LAND territori dell’abitare” with the title “International Architecture Competition and Environmental Impact” about the theme of supportability in architectural planning.

Since the beginning of his practice  he associates the competion activity , undertaking the International Architecture Competition for the planning of bridges and footbridges in Holland , in the Leidschenveen region, in December 1997; in July 2000 he undetook Ideas’ Competition at a Provincial standard for the “ Completing the multilevel parcking lot with building screen at the TURIN BASIC VILLAGE “,and he qualified as 8th ; in January 2001 he undertook the international competition “Architetcture, Immage and Emotion” for the project of an innovative sale structure for the hypermarkets Auchan from thr Rinascente group; in January 2002 he undertook the International Competition “The Tomihiro Museum of SHI-GA” Azuma Village, Japan.

The studio has constantly worked from the beginning  for a multidisciplinary research tha has ranged in in most proper areas of the architect’s activity as restoration and salvage for a new functionality of buildings , the planning of new residences and interior design, with a common denominator directed  to the analysis and innovative solution of details,intending a zoom on the particular.The dominant theme is lightness and minimal use of materials.


Architettura residenziale

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